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The Maine Flame Fire Starters Story

A few years ago, while on a camping trip with my family we visited the camp store looking for something to help us start our campfire. The only thing we found was a small Dixie cup filled with wax and a wick sticking out the top. I couldn’t help but think how unattractive and primitive this firestarter was. After the trip, I thought about how I could make a firestarter that was more attractive, simple to use, long lasting and compact. I talked with other campers and found that most everyone thought as I did... there had to be something better! That created the spark that eventually became The Maine Flame.

We tested ingredients and combinations. We experimented with shapes and sizes. In the end, we created what we and many others believe are the best firestarters you can buy! Maine Flame Fire Starters work perfectly for starting any fire. They also make a wonderful gift. Maine Flame Fire Starters look great in a basket by the hearth and are a wonderful stocking or backpack stuffer for camping, hiking, ice fishing or hunting enthusiasts.

Maine Flame Fire Starters are made in the USA with high quality wood from a sustainable forest and specially formulated candle wax. The wood byproduct used in Maine Flame Fire Starters is kiln dried. Our firestarters light easily and are long-lasting. That’s it, no paper or kindling needed when you use Maine Flame Fire Starters.

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