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Where Can I Use Maine Flame Fire Starters for Starting a Fire?

Use Maine Flame Fire Starters wherever and whenever you want to start a fire.
They’re convenient, dependable, safe, and easy to use.

At home in the fireplace
There’s nothing quite as soothing as relaxing at home in front of your fireplace. But who wants to bother with the work it takes to start a fire? Light a Maine Flame Fire Starter, place it under your logs, and the work is done. Just sit back and relax.

In the backyard in a patio fireplace or chiminea
Everyone gathers around when there’s a fire in a backyard fireplace or chimnea. Having family or friends over? Use a Maine Flame Fire Starter to start a fire, and then enjoy the evening.

Camping fire starter
What’s the one thing you always want to do when camping? Enjoy a crackling campfire! Maine Flame Fire Starters are great for starting a campfire. Easy to pack, easy to use. One Maine Flame Fire Starter, and your campfire is underway.

Maine Flame Fire Starters are a must for backpacking trips. Compact, lightweight, and dependable, Maine Flame Fire Starters will get your evening campfire started quickly.

Carry a Maine Flame Fire Starter or two in your emergency kit. If you get lost or stranded in the dark, a fire will keep you warm through the night. Maine Flame Fire Starters are made with kiln-dried hardwood, so they’ll light when you really need a fire.

Emergency and survival fire starter
Starting a fire can mean rescue and survival in backcountry emergencies. Use a Maine Flame Fire Starter as a survival fire starter so you can signal rescuers, keep warm, or cook. Maine Flame Fire Starters burn for several minutes, so starting a fire with damp wood isn’t a problem.

As a gift
Maine Flame Fire Starters make a great gift. Family and friends will appreciate the convenience for starting a fire in a fireplace, a wood burning stove, or an outdoor fireplace. Your outdoor enthusiast friends will love how easy it is to carry Maine Flame Fire Starters on camping trips, or while backpacking or hunting. And Maine Flame Fire Starters are decorative, and look great in a fireplace basket.

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